Mobile Healthcare Market is the Talk of the Town

Physicians Proviso (P2) is continuously seeking to develop innovative solutions to meet the healthcare challenges that affect patients and HCP’s alike.  Through the aggregation of existing technology and the creation of new, cutting-edge methods to improve patient care P2, along with our partner organizations, allow our members to capture unprecedented value and strategic, operational and [...]

I Can't Speak

Who Speaks for the Independent Physician?

“Who speaks for independent physicians?” This is one of the biggest questions that Physicians Proviso addresses. We know that independent physicians are lacking a seat at the table. While the American Medical Association (AMA) was founded as a voice for physicians, nowadays, it increasingly has become a rubber stamp for federal political endeavors like the [...]


Physicians Proviso Partner Spotlight – DiAMC

Physicians Proviso (P2) is dedicated to cultivating an environment for members to tap into the intelligence, expertise, capabilities and relationships of other P2 members and Partner Organizations.  This ‘force magnification’ allows P2 members to capture unprecedented value and strategic, operational and economic excellence. Our Partner Organizations are crucial to this mission.  One example of such [...]

Helping Physicians Maintain Autonomy

Who is Physicians Proviso (P2)?

Physicians Proviso (P2) is a physician organization that has been created to address the needs of the Healthcare Provider in the ever-changing landscape of healthcare. Our mission to assist the Healthcare Provider is three fold: maximize revenue, reduce risk and increase control. P2 has partnered with reputable and successful companies to provide products and services for the P2 member. These products and services have allowed the P2 member the freedom and flexibility to do what they have always wanted to do, help patients. P2 is committed to helping the Healthcare Provider remain independent today and into the future.

Simply go to Join P2 and click the “Join Physicians Proviso” link and fill out the mail in application or follow the electronic application link. Joining P2 is free; your only obligation is to incorporate the services offered by P2 into your practice. It’s simple really, but nothing will change unless you do!

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